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The Kim is part of the leadership team that is the liason between Scouts and Cub Scouts. He/she is an older Scout that attends planning sessions, and participates in Pack meetings. The Kim shows leadership within the Pack by helping with games and activities.

In the novel Kim, written by Rudyard Kipling. Kim is a boy orphaned in India.

In the Pack, a Kim wears her/his Scout uniform with a yellow neckerchief that has on its back the Kim crest, the symbol of his/her connection with the Cub program.


The Kim Book

The Kim Book provides a good overview of the Cub Scouts program and the roles of the Kim for the individual. It is available from the Scout Shop, as well as a digital download from Scouts Canada.

The Role of the Kim

The Kim is a Scout who provides leadership to a Cub Scout Section within a pack in a local area. The Kim is an essential linking point between the Pack and the Troop. Often, the Kim showcases skill he or she has learned in Scouts and tells Cubs stories of what they can do once they join Scouts when they are older. When a Cub moves up to Scouts it is often the Kim who helps them make friends and transition to the new section in Scouting.

It is the duty of a Pack's leadership team to ensure a Kim is supported in his or her role. Section Leaders should include the Kim as part of program planning.

Leaders looking to incorporate a Kim as part of the section leadership team should look to assign and develop GAMSOCS program elements.

(Taken from the BP&P):

4008.2 – Requirements for Section Leadership:

(iv) Activity Leaders (AL) and Scouters-in-Training (SIT) (See Section 4008.4; 4008.5):

Activity leaders and Scouters-in-Training (SIT) are to be encouraged to work with, and be part of the Beaver, Cub and Scout leadership teams.

In addition, one or more Wolf Cubs known as Keeo serve as a link between the Beaver and Wolf Cub Sections and to strengthen communications between Beavers and the adult leadership team. Keeo is also a member of the leadership team. In addition, one or more Scouts known as Kim serve as a link between the Wolf Cub and Scout Sections, and to strengthen communications between Cubs and the leadership team. More than one Scout may fill this position at the same time. Kim is also a member of the leadership team.


Job Description