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Under the Canadian Path, the proposed new name of a Six (a group of Cub Scouts within a Pack) is Lair.

While it makes a lot of sense, and fits in better with the Jungle Book symbolic framework, it goes against nearly a century of tradition.

A group of wolves would stay in a lair, not a six. The leader of a lair would be an alpha, not a sixer. The new term to replace second (which is usually mistakingly called seconder). This has often lead to further confusion, as one stripe is a second, two stripes is a sixer, a numerical mismatch.

There is also talk of new names for Cub Scouts as the proceed along their journey. Can someone please fill them in here?

Roll / Position Current Name Proposed New Name Woggle
New Cub Scout Tenderfoot  ? 01601.jpg
Regular Cub Scout Cub 1st year Runners
2nd year Trackers
Secondary leader of small group Second Shared among
3rd year Cub Scouts,
called Howlers
Primarly leader of small group Sixer 01602.jpg

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