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To demonstrate knowledge of life saving techniques with various types of victims.


  1. Earn the Life Saving III Award of the Life Saving Society of Canada. OR
  2. To the satisfaction of a qualified instructor, complete the following:
    1. Know how to treat and prevent further shock of a victim.
    2. Be able to identify unconscious and injured victims.
    3. Demonstrate the HELP position with a PFD or other swimming aid for 3 minutes.
    4. Demonstrate the front survival position for 3 minutes.
    5. Demonstrate the "egg beater kick". (Scout may use arms for support)
    6. Enter the water in the "stride" position, maintaining eye contact with the victim.
    7. Enter the water as though for a rescue using maximum speed (shallow dive).
    8. Show how you would avoid being grasped from the front and the rear by a drowning victim.
    9. Remove an unconscious victim from the water, with the help of an assistant. (Assistant should be of equal knowledge as the rescuer)
    10. Rescue a non-breathing victim. Provide rescue breathing until relief of responsibility is available. Demonstrate care once victim starts to breathe on their own.
    11. Provide support for a weak, injured or non-swimmer with minimum risk to the rescuer. Provide care until relief of responsibility is available.
    12. Provide assistance to a weak or poor swimmer in deep water with a non-buoyant aid while avoiding high risk to the rescuer. Provide care until relief of responsibility is available.
    13. Swim 400m continuously. Do not use the "resting" stroke.

Pre-2011 version

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