Madagascar 2014

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In 2008, when Scouts Canada first visited Ambato Boeni to learn about the development priorities of the community, we made a promise that we would work together to achieve the goals of fresh water, education and an alternate source of electricity. In 2009, during a time of political unrest, Scouts Canada sponsored two wells to be dug in the town. In 2012, the project was finally completed when xx youth travelled to Ambato Boeni to build a three-classroom primary school and washroom facility. But we are not done, the partnership between Scouts Canada and Ambato Boeni continues now.

The 2014 project is a continuation of the work that started at our first meetings in 2008. This summer, we’ll be building another three classrooms in a building next to the one completed in 2012. We’ll also be building a fresh water reservoir, which will be fed from the wells that we sponsored in 2009. Water from this reservoir will be available for drinking, cleaning and cooking and will go into irrigation for a food garden for the school. Not only that, but it will provide water for the washroom facility we built in 2012.


  • Advisors: Nic Forget
  • Youth: