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As members of Scouts Canada, in order to Do Your Best you have to Be Prepared!

The Challenge to you is to help this site Go Beyond by Sharing, Sharing, Sharing.

This site is provided to help share your information and get shared information of others.

What is this?

What isn't this?

  • This is not a site of official Scouts Canada information, rather it is a resource containing both official and member-contributed materials.
  • This is not intended to replace any official Scouts Canada training, but provided to augment it.
  • This is not a definitive source of information for Scouts Canada programs, but is provided to help those who deliver them.
  • This is not a repository of duplicate information found elsewhere on the Internet; links to other resources should be given where appropriate.
  • This is not the official Scouts Canada Facebook discussion group, nor is it twitter or facebook; use those tools for the social media activities, please!
  • This is not - the official Scouts Canada discussion forum.

Who can use this site?

  • Anyone can use it for reference, but the intended audience is Scouts Canada members (Scouters and youth) that are developing, leadering, and delivering program and activities.
  • Registered users can add comments, edit content or add their own pages.
  • New accounts must verify their email address.
  • New accounts must also be approved, in order to ward off evil spambots.
  • To help out as an account approver or to report issues, please contact the Wiki admin.

How does it work?

  • Look up any badge that your Scouts Canada group is currently working on, or planning to work on, for resources, suggestions, ideas or even full program plans that you can use.
  • Make any changes (registered users only) to the ones you see if you have ideas for improvements or alternatives.
  • Make comments on the discussion page (registered users only) of any of the program suggestions (or anything in the wiki, including images and documents, for that matter).
  • Any objectionable content can be retracted by using page history. Abusive users and inappropriate content should be reported to the wiki administrator immediately, wherein those users may be blocked.
  • Learn how to edit pages and add original ideas of your own!