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Musical Beaver

Objective: I will explore different ways of making music. When planning your adventures, you might like to have

  • an adventure in which you try different ways of making music
  • an adventure in which you use music in different ways or learn about how music is used in different ways

Here are some ideas to help you start creating your own adventures

  • Go to a symphony concert or a choir concert or a dance performance. What do you notice? What might you like to try?
  • Create a new instrument. Find out how different sounds and notes are made.
  • Create a song and play it on an instrument.
  • Come up with new words to a song you already know.
  • Come up with words for a new song.
  • Learn one or two new songs. Lead your Lodge or Colony in singing them.
  • Create a rhythm song to perform for your family or your Lodge, using many different household items such as garbage can lids, pots, bowls, wooden boards, glass jars, etc.
  • Learn the basics of an instrument you have not played before.
  • Learn some new dance steps or a new dance form.
  • Create your own dance and perform it for your Lodge or Colony.
  • Find out the story of how your favourite instrument was first invented.
  • What is the oldest instrument in the world? The newest instrument? What do you think might be the next instrument created?
  • How is music used for healing? How is music used to help people feel calm? How do you enjoy using music in your life?
  • How is music used with animals? Do different animals enjoy different kinds of music?
  • Pay attention as you go through the day. How many different places do you hear music playing? Why is music played in so many different places?

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Rascal’s River: Creative Expression.

Pick a suitable adventure for this badge that you would like to try on your own.