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Scouts Canada National Leadership Team

The affairs of the Corporation of Scouts Canada are governed by a Board of Governors and administered and managed by the National Management Team.

Operational strategy is developed and overseen by the National Leadership Team.

Members of the NLT

National Commissioner Tim Welch
National Youth Commissioner & Chair of the National Youth Network Annabelle Loder
Executive Commissioner & Chief Executive Officer (EC/CEO) Andrew Price
Executive Director - Human Resources and Volunteer Services Valarie Dillon
Deputy National Commissioner - Marketing and Communications Dirk Seis
Deputy National Commissioner - Volunteer Services Jane Johnston
Executive Director – Brand Strategy John Petittil
Executive Director - Marketing and Communications John Petitti
Deputy National Commissioner - Program Bill Kowalchyk
Executive Director - Business Services Peter Valters
Deputy National Commissioner - Technology & Innovation Mike Cholubko
Executive Director - Scouting Experience Mark Little