Ontario Incorporated Body for Scouts Canada in Ontario

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The Ontario Incorporated Body for Scouts Canada in Ontario (OIB) holds title to all Scouting properties in Ontario; holds funds on behalf of Groups, Areas and Councils; and, manages those funds through investments. Each Council in Ontario is required to provide one representative to the OIB Board of Directors. Decision making is a partnership between all involved levels of Scouts Canada and the OIB. The OIB was formed on March 26, 1963 and continues to support Scouting in Ontario to this day.

The OIB operates in Ontario under the requirements of the Corporations Act R.S.O. 1990. Directors are responsible and accountable for prudent fiduciary oversight of financial matters pertaining to property, investments managed by the Board, and expenditures by the Board in accordance with the “Operating Policies and Proceedures of the Incorporated Body for Scouts Canada in Ontario”.


In the Incorporated Body Letters Patent dated March 26, 1963, the following objectives for the corporation are identified:

(a) To promote and expand the Boy Scouts of Canada in the Province of Ontario;
(b) For the objectives aforesaid to purchase or otherwise acquire and to hold, sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of and deal in property real and personal; and
(c) To accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests.

It is the duty of the directors and membership of the Incorporated Body to ensure that all actions and decisions made on behalf of the corporation support the listed objects.

Directors are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the objectives of the OIB are properly carried out
  • Assist Councils with Property management and Scout Program development in Ontario
  • Setting the OIB’s long-range objectives and strategic plans
  • Being responsible for all aspects of the OIB’s investments and property oversight and fudicial management.
  • Ensuring the corporation’s financial stability
  • Supervising the corporation’s management and staff