Outdoor Adventure Skills Cooking

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Outdoor Adventure Skills Cooking

Cooking and food preparation tasks and where they fit into the various stages of different Outdoor Adventure Skills badges.

Scoutcraft Skills Camping Skills Trail Skills Winter Skills Paddling Skills
OAS-scoutcraft-1.png 1.2 I can keep my mess kit clean at camp. OAS-trail-1.png 1.3 I can list what food to bring on a day hike. OAS-winter-1.png 1.2 I have prepared a good snack for a winter outing.
OAS-scoutcraft-2.png 2.2 I can cook a foil-wrapped meal in a fire. OAS-camping-2.png 2.5 I can explain how to use Canada’s Food Guide at camp and help to plan a nutritious meal.

2.6 I can describe safe food handling and hygiene at camp.
2.7 I can help prepare food for cooking at camp and be safe while cooking at camp.

OAS-winter-2.png 2.2 I have packed a proper lunch for a winter outing.
OAS-scoutcraft-3.png 3.2 I can cook a meal on a camp stove. OAS-camping-3.png 3.4 I can help plan a basic balanced meal for camp.

3.5 I can demonstrate how to store food at camp.
3.6 I can assist in cooking a meal at camp.
3.7 I can be safe while cooking at camp.
3.12 I can make a hot drink on a campfire at camp.

OAS-winter-3.png 3.3 I have helped plan a menu for a winter camp.

3.4 I have cooked a lunch over an open fire.

OAS-scoutcraft-4.png 4.3 I can cook over a fire to roast and bake food items.

4.11 I can set up a tree food hang to protect my food from animals.

OAS-camping-4.png 4.6 I can store and cook food safely at camp.

4.11 I can demonstrate safe practices around fires and cooking equipment to minimize the risk of burns, scalds and other injuries.

OAS-trail-4.png 4.4 I know how to plan for and avoid food allergies in a group hike. OAS-winter-4.png 4.2 I have helped purchase food for a winter outing.

4.3 I have helped cook meals at winter camp.

OAS-scoutcraft-5.png 5.2 I have cooked with cast iron cookware …fire/coals…

5.7 I have caught, cleaned and cooked a fish over a campfire.

OAS-camping-5.png 5.7 I can plan a balanced menu for camp with a team.

5.8 I can demonstrate how to use different cooking methods (with different fuel types) at camp.
5.15 I can light, maintain and use a fire to cook a balanced meal at camp.

OAS-trail-5.png 5.5 I can demonstrate how to use different types of lightweight stoves to prepare a meal.

5.6 I can keep food and food preparation materials hygienic.

OAS-winter-5.png 5.2 I have led my Patrol in planning and purchasing meals for a winter camp.

5.3 I have been chief cook for at least one meal at winter camp.
5.7 I can lay and light a fire in winter conditions for warmth and cooking.
5.8 I can use a liquid fuel stove in winter conditions and understand why it is important not to get fuel on clothing and skin.

OAS-paddling-5.png 5.3 I have participated in creating a menu for an overnight trip.
OAS-scoutcraft-6.png 6.2 I have built and cooked on a personal-sized stove only made out of tin cans, wax, candle wicks and cardboard (a buddy stove). OAS-camping-6.png 6.8 I can help plan a menu and purchase food for a weekend camp.

6.9 I can demonstrate to others how to use a variety of cooking stoves at camp and explain to others when each type is most effective.
6.10 I can teach another youth to prepare a meal to be cooked on a fire or improvised stove.

OAS-winter-6.png 6.4 I have baked bread or a dessert at a winter camp. OAS-paddling-6.png

6.8 I can explain how to deal with waste while traveling in the backcountry, including greywater, solid waste, food scraps and human waste.
6.16 With my paddling team, I can plan a healthy menu for our canoe adventure and can help prepare the meals we have planned.

OAS-scoutcraft-7.png 7.3 I have made a vagabond/tin can stove and cooked a personal camp meal on it. OAS-camping-7.png 7.8 I can teach the use of various stoves and their effective use to another youth at camp. OAS-trail-7.png 7.5 I can plan and cook a variety of meals on a hiking expedition of more than two nights.

7.6 I can explain how much food is needed on hiking expeditions of various lengths.

OAS-winter-7.png 7.1 I know how to plan and implement a simple but nutritious menu for a mobile winter camp. OAS-paddling-7.png

7.9 I understand the food requirements for canoe trippers and have prepared a nutritious and delicious menu for a multiday canoe trip.
7.10 I can use several different methods for cooking.

OAS-scoutcraft-8.png 8.2 I can cook a complete campout meal using only improvised natural cooking surfaces and devices (cooking only using flat stones, wood planks, cooking cranes/hooks, spits, covered pits/trenches).
OAS-scoutcraft-9.png 9.2 Using only wood as a fuel source, I have built a reflector camp oven and cooked a meal for a minimum of five persons, including both roasted and baked food preparation.

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