Outdoor Adventure Skills First Aid Survival Kits

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Outdoor Adventure Skills First Aid and Survival Kits

First Aid kits, survival kits, and other emergency gear, and where they fit into the various stages of different Outdoor Adventure Skills badges.

OAS-emergency-aid-1.png 1.1 I have made my own personal first aid kit.
OAS-emergency-aid-2.png 2.1 I have added items to my own personal first aid kit and I know how and when to use it.
OAS-winter-3.png 3.13 I have made a winter survival kit that I take with me on all winter activities. OAS-scoutcraft-3.png 3.10 I have put together a personal outdoor survival kit.
OAS-emergency-aid-4.png 4.4 I know what goes into home first aid kit.

4.9 I know what is in our Group first aid kit and know how to use it.

OAS-paddling-5.png 5.9 I have made a personal survival kit as identified in the Field Guide for Canadian Scouting (pages 27–28).
OAS-camping-6.png 6.8 I can light a fire using only mechanical means (flint and steel, ferrocerium striker or friction-i.e. bow and drill). OAS-trail-6.png 6.2 I can show what group emergency equipment we can carry on a weekend hike, and how to use each item.
OAS-emergency-aid-7.png 7.10 I know what specialized equipment is required in my field first aid kit based upon my activities, skill level, certification and how to use and care for the equipment. OAS-trail-7.png 7.2 I can inspect group emergency equipment for a hiking expedition of more than two nights.
OAS-emergency-aid-8.png 8.6 I have taught a group of people on the importance of, and what should be in, a 72-hr home preparedness kit.

8.10 I know what equipment needs to be in a first aid kit for an activity of at least one weekend in length in the wilderness.

OAS-emergency-aid-9.png 9.8 I can assemble, display and describe winter and summer survival kits and explain how to use them.

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