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Outdoor Adventure Skills Ropes & Knots

It is interesting that additional knots required in stages past Scoutcraft Skills Stage 4 are lashings (Stage 5: square, diagonal, tripod and shear) and splicing (Scoutcraft Skills Stage 8: backsplice, short splice, eye splice), which one could argue are not knots at all, but rather applications of knots. This really shows the importance of these fundamental knots. Higher stages may require more complex projects (monkey bridge, tower, bridge, camp gateway), but largely rely on the knots potentially taught to Cub Scouts or early stage Scouts.

Here's the list of knots mentioned in Outdoor Adventure Skills:

Scoutcraft Skills Vertical Skills Sailing Skills
OAS-scoutcraft-1.png 1.1 I can hang a drying/gear line at camp with a half hitch or other knot.
OAS-scoutcraft-2.png 2.1 I can tie a reef knot, a round turn and two half-hitch knots. OAS-sailing-2.png 2.7 I can demonstrate how to tie reef knot, sheet bend and figure-eight.
OAS-scoutcraft-3.png 3.1. I can tie a half hitch, clove hitch and a fisherman’s knot. OAS-vertical-3.png 3.1 I have correctly tied a figure-8 follow-through knot. OAS-sailing-3.png 3.8 I can tie the reef knot, sheet bend, figure-eight and bowline used by Scouts when sailing or when camping.
OAS-scoutcraft-4.png 4.1 As part of a team, I have completed a Scoutcraft project using at least a square lashing to join two poles at right angles.

4.2 I can tie a figure eight, bowline, trucker’s hitch and sheet bend, and whip the end of a rope.

OAS-vertical-4.png 4.1 I have tied a climbing rope into my climbing harness.

4.5 I have coiled a climbing rope (any method).

OAS-sailing-4.png 4.5 5. I know how to properly secure a towline to my sailboat.

4.9 I can tie eight knots that are useful when sailing, canoeing or camping.

OAS-scoutcraft-5.png 5.1 I have built a lean-to shelter and an A-frame sleeping tripod shelter, using wood and tied with four lashing knots: square, diagonal, tripod and shear lashings. OAS-vertical-5.png 5.1 I can tie these knots: water (tape), double fisherman's, prusik, clove hitch and bowline.

5.2 I can coil a climbing rope using a butterfly and a mountaineer method.
5.7 I have constructed and climbed in a “Swiss seat” improvised climbing harness made with tubular or tape webbing.

OAS-scoutcraft-6.png 6.1 I have built a usable Burma/Monkey bridge. OAS-vertical-6.png 6.1 I have tied and used a Munter hitch (also called an Italian hitch) as a belay method.

6.2 I have constructed and used an improvised "Parisian Baudrier" chest harness.

OAS-scoutcraft-7.png 7.1 Using spars (poles) and rope, I have constructed a 3m-high tower or a bridge over a 3m span.

7.2 I have taught five knots to younger Scout members.
7.4 I can construct a 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1 rope pulley system to raise or move loads or tension lines.

OAS-scoutcraft-8.png 8.1 I can backsplice, short splice and eye splice a three-strand rope.

8.10 I have made 4 metres of 3-strand cordage from only natural plant products found outdoors.

OAS-scoutcraft-9.png 9.1 I have built a large temporary pole and lashing “gateway” entrance (with flag pole) for a jamboree or campout activity site.


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