Outdoor Adventure Skills Shelters

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Outdoor Adventure Skills Shelters

Shelter building and where they fit into the various stages of different Outdoor Adventure Skills badges.

OAS-scoutcraft-1.png 1.5 I know three reasons for having a shelter when sleeping outdoors OAS-winter-1.png 1.1 I have built something out of snow.
OAS-scoutcraft-2.png 2.4 I know what natural shelter materials or locations are to keep out of the wind, rain, sun and snow and where these may be found OAS-emergency-aid-2.png 2.15 I can find a safe place in bad weather.
OAS-scoutcraft-3.png 3.7 I can make a personal shelter out of plastic sheeting and rope.

3.11 I know what makes a comfortable and safe place for a sleeping shelter/site.

OAS-winter-3.png 3.6 With a small group, I have built an emergency shelter in winter.

3.7 I know how to find shelter from the wind on a cold day.

OAS-scoutcraft-4.png 4.7 I can build a personal sleeping shelter out of snow or any other natural materials. OAS-trail-4.png 4.16 I can build or find an emergency shelter.
OAS-winter-4.png 4.2 I have helped purchase food for a winter outing.

4.3 I have helped cook meals at winter camp.

OAS-scoutcraft-5.png 5.1 I have built a lean-to shelter and an A-frame sleeping tripod shelter using wood, tied with four lashing knots: square, diagonal, tripod and shear lashings.

5.6 I have built and slept out at least two nights in a shelter big enough for three persons and made of only natural materials found outdoors and rope.

OAS-camping-5.png 5.12 I can pitch a variety of tents and shelters.
OAS-winter-5.png 5.6 I have built and slept in a temporary winter shelter such as a quinzhee, snow trench or a lean-to.
OAS-scoutcraft-6.png 6.6 I have constructed and slept two nights in an igloo, quinzee or trench snow shelter capable of sleeping three persons. OAS-winter-6.png 6.6 I have taught a less experienced Scout how to build a winter shelter.

6.10 I have slept outside for two nights in a lightweight shelter in winter

OAS-scoutcraft-8.png 8.6 With only materials found in the forest, rope and plastic sheeting, I have built a 10-person campout dinning shelter protected on all side from the weather.

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