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Individual Knot Pages

Outdoor Adventure Skills Knots

Scoutcraft Skills Stage 1

  • 1. I can hang a drying/gear line at camp with a half hitch or other knot.

Scoutcraft Skills Stage 2

Scoutcraft Skills Stage 3

Scoutcraft Skills Stage 4

Scoutcraft Skills Stage 5

Scoutcraft Skills Stage 8

Sailing Skills Stage 2

Sailing Skills Stage 3

Sailing Skills Stage 4

  • 9. I can tie eight knots that are useful when sailing, canoeing or camping.

Vertical Skills Stage 3

Vertical Skills Stage 5

  • 1. I can tie these knots: water (tape), double fishermen’s, prussic, clove hitch and bowline.
  • 2. I can coil a climbing rope using a butterfly and a mountaineer method.
  • 7. I have constructed and climbed in a “Swiss seat” improvised climbing harness made with tubular or tape webbing.

Vertical Skills Stage 6

  • 1. I have tied and used a Munter hitch (also called an Italian hitch) as a belay method.
  • 2. I have constructed and used an improvised “Parisian Baudrier” chest harness




Snug Hitch