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Scouts Canada’s programs are designed to deliver challenging outdoor programs to youth of all ages. The Program Standards were established to ensure that all members receive quality Scouting programs.

By using Program Quality Standards as a recruitment tool, parents can see at a glance the exciting program their children will be doing. If each parent has a copy, they can follow along throughout their child’s Scouting year and be assured of the great program they are experiencing.

Scouters and youth should use Program Quality Standards to plan and conduct excellent Scouting programs. It’s a quick reference to make sure they are correctly delivering the program. Scouts Canada believes that by using Program Quality Standards, youth receive a better program and stay in Scouting longer. The Program Quality Designation shown below is available to all Sections that meet these standards.

By ensuring quality factors for our programs, (every youth will receive an excellent Scouting program filled with opportunities to develop as an individual.

Before Canadian Path (pre-2015)

The Program Quality Designation


The Program Quality Award showed that you offer the best Scouting program by achieving the Program Quality Designation. This Designation recognizes Sections that meet all of the Program Standards objectives. The Designation, a large crest designed for attaching to the Section flag, will be presented to each Section upon completion of the Program Standards. Designation year bars will be presented annually to those Sections that continue to meet all the requirements of the Program Standards. Sections that have earned the Program Quality Designation have this noted on the ‘Find a Group’ feature of

Section Quality Awards Requirements