Paddling Skills Stage 3

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Paddling Skills - Stage 3 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can swim 100 metres with my PFD on using any stroke.
    • Scouts can demonstrate that they are comfortable in the water and able to swim a short distance with a PFD on.
    • Any swimming stroke is acceptable.
  2. I know how to choose a paddle that is the correct size.
    • Scouts can discuss options for sizing and understand that the paddle that ‘feels right’ is usually best.
  3. With help from my team or my Scouter, I can paddle my canoe or kayak forward a short way.
    • Scouts can paddle their watercraft forward in a reasonably straight line for a short distance.
    • As much as possible, Scouts achieve this skill with another youth with similar skills.
    • Adults or more senior youth may be the passenger.
  4. I have capsized a canoe while sitting in it.
    • Scouts can rock a watercraft and have it dump.
    • Scouts do not jump out of the watercraft; they attempt to stay with the watercraft.
  5. I can get back into my canoe or kayak with help from someone in another watercraft if my watercraft capsizes.
    • Someone else rights the swamped watercraft and assists the paddlers to get back into their watercraft.
  6. I know how and where to get the latest weather forecast for the area where I will be paddling.
    • Scouts can demonstrate the ability to get accurate weather forecasts from the internet, radio or television and can discuss what the forecast might mean for their paddling trip.
  7. I know what the risks are for paddling in different weather conditions.
    • Scouts can explain how different weather conditions (wind, rain, sun and cold) can impact a paddling trip and have an understanding of the risks associated with different weather.
  8. I can make a recognized distress signal.
    • Scouts can demonstrate how to make a distress signal such as three whistle blasts or by lighting three fires or putting three watercrafts in a triangle.
  9. I can throw a throw bag.
    • Scouts can throw a throw bag at least 5 metres and be within the length of their watercraft of the target.
  10. I have helped a Stage 1 paddler learn to put his or her PFD on.
    • Stage three Scouts can help a less experienced Scout to properly select and put on a PFD.
  11. I have taken part in two paddling activities.
    • Scouts have completed two paddling Adventures of two hours or more each.
    • Scouts must carry out most of the paddling with a Scouter or a more experienced Scout (either in the same watercraft or close by to help if assistance is required).