Paddling Skills Stage 8

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Paddling Skills - Stage 8 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can plan and carry out a backcountry canoe trip with my team of at least 14 days, 250 km and a minimum of 11 different campsites.
    • The trip will include portages and Class 2 moving water.
    • Scouts need to complete their moving water course (Stage 8 requirement #4) and an advance wilderness first aid course (Stage 8 requirement #10) before this extended trip.
  2. I can inspect a rapid to determine the best lines for running it.
    • The inspection of rapids should be conducted from the shoreline wherever possible.
  3. I can recognize a rapid that is beyond my skill level to run.
    • Scouts can recognize and describe a rapid that is beyond the limits of their own skills.
  4. I have attained Paddle Canada Moving Water Canoe Skills Intermediate Tandem certifications.
    • Contact Paddle Canada to arrange for this certification.
  5. I have completed and logged at least 25 days of canoe tripping at Stage 8.
    • Log book should be available as evidence of completed requirement.
  6. I have successfully completed a Paddle Canada Waterfront Canoeing Instructor course.
    • Contact Paddle Canada to arrange for this certification.
  7. While on my extended trip, I have been the designated trip leader for at least one day (Two Scouts—but not more than two—may share the trip leader role).
    • Scouts must to able to identify the responsibilities of a trip leader including:
      • responsible for safety of the trip
      • ultimate maker of safety and navigation decisions
      • identifies the lead and sweep watercraft
      • aware of the potential risks and has the tools to address them (risk management)
  8. I can rescue a capsized loaded canoe and get the swimmers to safety.
    • Scouts must properly prioritize the rescue—people, watercraft, gear.
    • Practice rescues should be completed in less than perfect conditions (eg. in rapids, in windy conditions, in cold water).
  9. I can explain the responsibilities of a trip leader. See requirement 7 Stage 8
  10. I have successfully completed an advanced wilderness first aid course of at least 40 hours duration (80 hours preferred) with a certified accreditation agency (St. John Ambulance, Red Cross or equivalent).
    • Scouts are to complete a wilderness first aid course prior to their extended trip.
  11. I have assisted in teaching a paddling course to Stage 5–6 paddlers.
    • Scouts will work under the direction of an adult who is qualified to lead the course.