Paddling Skills Stage 9

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Paddling Skills - Stage 9 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have completed instructor level certification in at least one Paddle Canada discipline.
      • tandem or solo lake paddling
      • tandem or solo moving water paddling
      • canoe tripping
    • Scouts are qualified to teach introductory or intermediate level skills courses in the chosen instructor level certification.
  2. I have completed and logged at least 25 days of backcountry canoe tripping, which may include time spent leading trips for less-experienced paddlers.
    • Log book should be available as evidence of completed requirement.
  3. I know and follow the Transport Canada requirements for guided canoe trips.
    • Scouts must be aware of federal legislation governing human-powered watercraft, including the requirements for guided trips (primarily SOR 2010-91 part 3).
    • Under the definitions of the legislation, all trips with a designated leader are considered to be ‘guided.’ Refer to
  4. I have completed all necessary paperwork for leading a trip, including float plan, emergency plan and Scouts Canada requirements.
    • Plan should be in written form and shared with the Patrol.
  5. I have successfully completed a swift water rescue course.
    • Scouts have successfully completed a swift water rescue course.
    • Scouts should complete this course prior to leading any trip that includes moving water.
  6. I can lead a group of Stage 6 or 7 paddlers on a multiday excursion.
    • Stage 9 Scouts will assist younger paddlers to plan for their trip and will accompany them during the paddle trip.
    • The Stage 9 Scout will ensure that the trip is properly equipped and has a healthy menu and the provisions to prepare it.
    • Scouts will help the younger trippers to create an emergency plan (complete with an evacuation process and communication systems) and will ensure that trip participants have the skills to do the trip safely.
  7. I have taught at least two sanctioned Paddle Canada courses to Scouts working at Stage 5–8.
    • Scouts must have the appropriate paddling certification(s) to teach these courses.