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A smaller group withing a Scout Troop, a patrol is[1]:

  • A group of friends.
  • A group where everybody is important.
  • A group of four to eight people.
  • A group which plans and does things together.

Benefits of the Patrol:[2]

  • A small group setting where youth feel wanted and needed.
  • Greater opportunity to take on responsibility and build self-confidence
  • More opportunities to learn by doing and actually getting involved and sharing the work.
  • Opportunities to experience leadership and develop leadership skill.

The youth leadership is performed by a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader, under the guidance of a Scout Counsellor. Reference book called Patrol Leaders Handbook is available online and from the Scout Shop.

Each Patrol will be identified by a Wildlife Crest, available from the Scout Shop, worn on the right sleeve of the pre-2011 uniform and the right sleeve of the post-2011 uniform.

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