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In Scouts Canada’s Scout section, Patrol leaders are individuals tasked with taking responsibility for a group of 6-8 other scouts. Along with the Assistant Patrol Leader they ensure that their patrol is ready for any task assigned. Patrol leaders and Assitants also form the Court of Honour which provide input into the groups program, discuss problems and meet with the Area Youth Commissioner.

Youth Input

One of the key function in the role of Patrol/Assistant Patrol Leaders is to ensure that youth have input into the program. Where it wouldn't be feasable to sit down with 30 youth to try and come up with program plans, sitting with 8 who represent the youth of their patrol provides input.


Patrol leaders are encouraged to attend FAST (Fun Active Scout Training) sessions when offered. The manual for this can be found on the National Youth Network section of Scouts Canada website As well as can use the "Patrol Leaders Handbook", availible from the Scout Shop as reference material.