Paws Out!

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Gathering ideas and planning the months ahead with your Section can be tricky or it can be great fun! The goal is to have everyone share what they would like to experience.

A Scouting year is divided by program periods that typically follow the four seasons. Use the following activity to help your Section see what opportunities can be used to help everyone live their own Scouting adventure.

Wolves work better together! Mowgli had good friends in the Pack who helped him with his adventures. As a Six, you will share a series of expectations with one another by drawing some of your favourite things.

Trace one of your paws (your hand) on a piece of paper. Inside the hand, draw what you would like to do with your hands.

Collect all the paws and create a mural. Share your ideas with the whole Pack and select from some of the best ideas!

BONUS: As a Pack ice breaker, this can be used as a great activity. In the right paw tracing, draw activities that you like to do with your hands. In the left, share what you would like to do in Cubs.


  • Flip chart
  • Pencil
  • Small pieces of paper
  • Colouring material

Here's the PDF version, which used to be on the Canadian Path web site, but has mysteriously disappeared. Media:Canadian-Path-Cubs-PAWSOUT-002.pdf