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Scouts Handbook Photography badge page, revised 2012



To recognize photography knowledge and skills.

Note: The following requirements may be completed using any digital camera, iPod or equivalent, or cell phone. If using a film camera, the requirements will need to be adjusted appropriately. You may also concentrate on videography using a camcorder or other video device.


Basic Knowledge

  1. Show that you are familiar with the features and capabilities of your camera, including memory card requirements, zoom, scene modes, auto/manual focus, flash, etc.
  2. Show you know how to handle and care for your camera, and the most likely ways it can be damaged.
  3. Demonstrate you know how to use the camera, and what you need to do to accommodate different photographic situations (e.g., close-ups, low-light, landscape, etc.).


  1. Explain how you get photos or videos off your camera.
  2. Explain the post-processing you can do with software (e.g., straightening, cropping, exposure, red-eye removal) and show a few “before and after” examples of pictures that you’ve improved after taking. If using a video camera, demonstrate how you have edited and stitched clips together, added titles, etc.
  3. Present some of your favourite pictures and explain what makes them good photographs (e.g., subject matter, expressions, composition, lighting). If using a video camera, show an example of your finished project.


  1. Describe the ways photographs and videos can be shared with friends and family, and how you like to share your work (e.g., printing, Facebook, burning to DVD).
  2. Explain when it is inappropriate to share photos and videos, the importance of respecting others’ rights and the potential for harming your own or others’ reputations.

* Please note that you must always have permission before taking pictures of your subject.

Pre-2011 version

Program Suggestions

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