Pita pizza

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Pita Pizza 2 Ways

S838 pizzaparty.jpg

Pita bread whole wheat or white (1 or 2 for each person)
Assorted pizza toppings
Favorite grated cheese
Pizza or pasta sauce (or you can get creative, it's your pizza)

1st option (better for small numbers)

Frying pan on low to med (too high and the pita will burn)
Tin foil or lid

Spread sauce on pita
Place dry pita in pan sauce side up
Add toppings and cheese to pita
Cover with lid or foil until cheese melts
Remove and let cool
Repeat the above process for each pizza

(Also see Happy Camper - Cook'n with Kevin: Ep2 - Pita Pizza)

2nd option (better for large groups)

Standard oven set to 350f
Cookie sheet
Tin foil

Spread pita with sauce on one side
Place on cookie sheet sauce side up
Add desired toppings and cheese
Place in oven till cheese melts

Cool before eating