Prairie Flower

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I'm a little prairie flower
growing faster by the hour
I wish I may, I with I might
have the thing I lost last night

This song is traditionally and frequently used by a Cub Scout or older when a lost item is being returned.

While is can be a fun activity, especially if done in good spirits with leadership participation, some youth may be self-conscience or embarrassed and should have the opportunity to alternately "earn" back a lost item. This can become a non-fun activity if done in poor spirits or treated as a "shaming activity" (as would anything if done in that way). Leaderships using this tradition need to wary of keeping it light and fun.

A discuss was held on LinkedIn's Scouts Canada group on this topic.

Banned / Usage Discouraged?

As being discussed in TalkScouts - Lament for the Prairie Flower, several Areas and Councils may be banning, or at least "discouraging", this activity.

Taken from Odawa Area, Voyageur Council, 2012-11-27 Provisional Minutes :

  • The Code of Conduct contains the following:
    • 4. Refrain from any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, neglect, intimidation or exploitation.
    • Specifically: I will use positive teaching behavior as a means to discipline and will refrain from any use of physical contact or emotional rejection and put-downs.
  • With that in mind, there have been complaints regarding the use of the 'prairie flower', as it can be a source of stress, and some youth apparently have left the program as a direct result of this. Council is discouraging the use of this or anything similar as being a direct violation of the Code of Conduct. An article will be appearing sometime soon for the Leader Magazine and the Voyageur Vision.