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The Purple star provides a variety of basic and simple introductory activities for children with online limited experience exploring and learning about Canada's rich heritage and land, and the role Canadians play in the world. Living in a pluralistic, multi-cultural democracy involves understanding other peoples points of view and beliefs. As well, participation in community service projects raises awareness of the quality of life Canadians enjoy.



Purple Star activities develop attitudes, knowledge and skills related totheir local, national and international communities. [1]


To earn the Purple Star, choose and do any six (6) of the A Requirements and any five (5) of the B Requirements. These activities can be done by yourself, or with your six, pack, family or friends.

A. Requirements (any 6)

  • A1 Give the history and draw a picture of the Canadian flag. Also draw the flags of two other countries.
  • A2 Recite or sing "O Canada", our national anthem.
  • A3 Draw or trace a map of Canada and include such features as provincial and territorial boundaries, capital cities, your home location, occupations common to the various regions and natural features.
  • A4 Make a simple scrapbook describing the life of one or more important Canadians of your choice.
  • A5 Discuss with your leader the benefits you and your community receive from doing community service projects.
  • A6 Discuss with an adult what some of our Rights and Freedoms are as Canadians. Also discuss what freedom and prejudice mean to you.
  • A7 Make a chart of your pack or six and see how many cultures are represented.
  • A8 Participate in an activity which explores the traditions of your own faith.
  • A9 Participate in an activity which explores the traditions of a religion other than your own.
  • A10 Participate in an activity where you explore the traditions of a culture or country other than your own.
  • A11 Look through a catalogue, newspaper or magazine for products which are made in another country and sold in Canada. Find products made in Canada that are sold in other countries.
  • A12 Make a presentation describing Canadian space technology and travel.

B. Requirements (any 5)

  • B1 Participate in a local food bank drive.
  • B2 Participate in a project to collect items for the needy, such as clothes or toys.
  • B3 Assist a Service Agency in a service project. (e.g. Red Cross, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, etc.)
  • B4 Participate in providing service for your place of worship.
  • B5 Participate in any environmental cleanup or beautification project.
  • B6 Participate in an Adopt-a-Friend project for a special person, group, community or environment.
  • B7 Participate in providing service to your Sponsor or assist your Sponsor in any community service project.
  • B8 Make a gift and donate it to a worthy cause.
  • B9 Participate in any project which improves access for or awareness of the disabled.
  • B10 Participate in providing service to your school.
  • B11 Assist a Colony as a Keeo for three months.
  • B12 Participate in a project that supports the Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund or Community Development Projects.
  • B13 Participate in a community service project not listed above.
  • B14 Learn about one of Canada's peacekeeping missions. Talk to a veteran or soldier who has served on Canada's behalf in a conflict or peacekeeping mission.

Purple Star is the cornerstone of the Canada And The World section of the Cub program.

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