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(a variant of tag)



Beaver Scouts are able to recognize the difference between a recycling bin and a garbage can. (And run around and have fun.)

Background Information

Recognizing recycling bins as different from garbage cans is an important step in teaching youth to recycle properly. Each community has a different program so it is important to determine what system is in your municipality.


  • Large defined playing space
  • Two garbage bins
  • Two recycling bins (these should be distinct from the garbage bins and recognizable as recycling bins. The mobius strip symbol should be clearly marked on the side)
  • At least two to four clean and dry aluminum cans per Beaver Scout or some other item that is recyclable in your community (paper, cardboard, plastic).


The objective of the game is get as many recyclable items into the recycling bin as possible without getting tagged by the “Garbage Monster.” If tagged, Beaver Scouts must put their item into the garbage bin instead. Once they have placed their item in either bin, they go back to the bag of items placed outside the play area to get another item and try again.

Set up two stations at some distance from each other within the defined playing area. Each station should have one recycling bin and one garbage bin side by side. Put a bag of aluminum cans or other recyclable items outside the playing area.

Point out the boundaries of the playing space and the stations. Pick a Beaver Scout or leader to be the Garbage Monster (or "it"). Give the other Beaver Scouts one recyclable item each. Start the game.

Play until all the items are either in the recycling bin or garbage can. When all the items are gone, encourage the Beaver Scouts to cheer on those who are still trying to put their recyclable items in the recycling bin.

Alternatively, once all the items are in one or the other bin, empty the garbage can of items and continue the game.

At the end of the game, celebrate that there are more items in the recycling bin than in the garbage bin. Ask Beaver Scouts if they have noticed recycling bins at other places like home, school, the mall, or on the street.

Explain to the Beaver Scouts how important it is to recycle.

From Earth Day, Beaver Scouts Jumpstarts.