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One early deliverable from the Program Review Process was a simple statement and understanding that our Rover Scout program for young men and women was to be a program with educational objectives and play a role in developing young people into leaders through the Scout Method.

In the future, Rover Scouts would not to be an alumni association of former Scouts, it would not be a pool of potential short-term or long-term volunteers for events and sections and it would not be just a social club. Rover Scouts needs to offer the same adventure, personal development, challenge, character building, and new experiences provided by our other core programs.

Equally importantly, the Rover Scout Program must be a relevant and competitive option in the young adult market - a market very different than the pre-adolescent (Beaver Scouts & Cub Scouts) and adolescent (Scout and Venturer Scout) markets.

It is with this in mind that Scouts Canada's Board of Governors passed the following motion on the weekend previous of May 11, 2012: "Be it resolved that the Board of Governors of Scouts Canada hereby approves the removal of any registration fees for Rover Scouts across Canada. For the purposes of clarity, this applies to fees at both the National and Council level effective from the 2012/2013 registration year onwards."

The Board's bold leadership on this reflects the need to establish Rover Scouts as a true competitor against Post-Secondary Adventure Clubs and Service Organizations vying for young adult's time.

Some of the strongest and biggest crews in the country do not charge a membership fee to join the Crew. Whether offset at the Group, Area or Council level, this move has allowed them to attract more members both internally and externally without potential members being dissuaded by the cost compared to their availability. This elimination will also level the competitive edge that Post Secondary Clubs - free or funded by student levies - have had over our Rover Scout Program. In the longer-term, this shift will provide more opportunities for Rover Scouts to maintain a connection to the movement, which will ultimately result in more of them becoming volunteers and enrolling their future children in Beaver Scouts.