Sailing Skills Stage 4

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Sailing Skills - Stage 4 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I know how to find an appropriate PFD that is the right size and fit for me.
    • Scouts should be able to describe what is required to find and put on a properly-sized PFD.
  2. I am aware that everyone must wear properly fitted PFD while in a boat.
    • To ensure the safety of Scouts on the water, Scouts Canada watercraft regulations require that all persons in a boat must wear a properly fitted PFD.
  3. I am familiar with the signs and symptoms of severe hypothermia.
    • Scouts need to be fully able to identify and treat severe hypothermia, and understand the importance of avoiding hypothermia.
  4. I can describe and demonstrate safety in and on the water.
    • Scouts need to be aware of local hazards in and around boats, on the water, in known local conditions and in unknown conditions when near water.
  5. I know how to properly secure a towline to my sailboat.
    • Scouts should be able to describe where to secure a towline and how to prepare a sailboat for towing.
  6. I know the hazards for sailing in different weather conditions.
    • Scouts need to know and explain how different weather conditions (wind, rain, sun and cold) can impact a daysail and have an understanding of the hazards associated with different weather.
  7. I understand balance in the sailboat and know how to sail the boat flat.
    • Scouts should be able to describe how to move body position to balance the sailboat and to keep the sailboat flat.
  8. I understand how to trim my sail to get the best performance from the sailboat.
    • Scouts should be able to describe how to properly trim the sails: where the sails should be when close hauled, and the mechanics of luffing the sail to depower.
  9. I can tie eight knots that are useful when sailing, canoeing or camping.
  10. Under the direction of the Skipper, I have sailed my sailboat forward for 200 metres.
    • Under direction of the Skipper, Scouts should be able to sail their boat forward in a reasonably straight line for a short distance. As much as possible, Scouts should do this with another youth. Adults may be a passenger and/or crew.
  11. I can demonstrate how to steer a sailboat going upwind or downwind.
    • Under direction of the Skipper, Scouts will be able to head up or bear off the wind depending on the wind conditions and direction.
  12. I can demonstrate how to balance my sailboat and can sail the boat flat.
    • Under direction of the Skipper, Scouts should be able to move body position to balance the sailboat and to keep the sailboat flat.
  13. I have capsized the sailboat and recovered to an upright position.
    • Scouts will have rocked a sailboat until it capsizes to gain a sense of the critical “heeling point of no return”.
    • Scouts should never jump out of the boat, and they must stay with the boat and help the Skipper recover the boat to an upright position.
  14. I can get back into the sail boat solo, or with help from the Skipper, if my boat capsizes.
    • A Scout should be able to right a capsized sailboat with the help of the crew/Skipper, or solo, and demonstrate re-entry over the transom or gunwale.
  15. I can help my Skipper to return the sailboat to the dock or to the beach safely.
    • A Scout, acting as crew, should be able to assist the Skipper to dock or beach the boat safely, and then lift the boat from the water to dry land storage.
  16. I can de-rig a sailboat, dry the sails and store all the parts properly.
    • Scouts, by themselves, should be are able to put all the parts of a boat into proper storage when they are finished with each sailing experience.
  17. I have taken part in at least four daysails of four hours each, or eight daysails of at least two hours each, on safe, familiar waters.
    • In addition to the daysail completed for the previous three stages, Scouts must have completed at least four four-hour daysail adventures or eight two-hour sailing adventures for a total of 16 hours.
    • Scouts must demonstrate all of the sailing skills expected of a crew with a more experienced Stage 7 Scout/Venturer/Rover Scout in the sailboat.
  18. I can toss a throw bag so that someone in the water can reach it.
    • Scouts should be able to toss throw a throw bag to within 2 metres of a person in the water.
  19. I can swim and demonstrate the HELP and huddle positions while in the water wearing a PFD.
    • While in the water, Scouts should demonstrate the solo HELP position and the huddle positions with other Scouts for 7 minutes.
  20. I have been introduced to self-help procedures and can explain how to perform the HELP position by myself and the huddle position with others.
    • Scouts should be able to describe when to perform the HELP and huddle positions and what the self-help positions are intended to do in the water.