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In 1996 Scouts Canada started the Schools and Scouting Program designed to help children from grades four to seven or age 10 to 13. Its purpose is to teach young children to appreciate the principles of outdoor ethics, focus on self-development and to enhance the self-esteem and motivation of students in classroom sessions and at a Scouts Canada camp.

The program is designed to complement each province curriculum requirements in Science, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Social Studies and Environmental and Outdoor Education and covers topics such as nutrition and outdoor cooking, team building, pioneering and shelter building, hike planning, outdoor safety, songs, skits and campfire routine. Experienced educators visit classrooms to prepare students for the adventure ahead and bridge the gap between the classroom and camp.

Your contribution will help keep each youth registration fees down by covering the cost of material in class and at camp, camp rental, program equipment, program and kitchen staff and all meals.

The Schools and Scouting program is more than just a field trip to camp, it helps to develop camping, outdoor and leadership skills in an exciting, challenging and friendly environment.

Partnership with Province of British Columbia

Schools and Scouting, Partners in Education is an innovative outdoor education program offered by Scouts Canada. The program is designed to supplement and complement Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 curriculum topics, including social studies, science, physical education, and fine arts, as well as the associated learning as mandated by the BC Ministry of Education’s Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs). Over the years, we have partnered with many schools in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Langley, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford and Central Okanagan.

The program is a combination of eight in-classroom sessions designed to promote an appreciation of the outdoors, and a residential 2 ½ day camp at Scouts Canada’s Camp Byng; which is a unique, 200-acre campground situated on the Sechelt Peninsula on the Sunshine Coast. All classroom and camp sessions contain elements of “Leave No Trace,” principles of outdoor ethics. Specifically, the topics addressed in this program are Team Building, Outdoor Cooking, Fire-building, Pioneering, Shelter Building, Map Reading and Orienteering, Hike Planning, Outdoor Safety, Singing, Skits, Campfire, and Archery.

The Schools and Scouting content is derived from skills taught in the first-year Scout program. The in-class sessions are an introduction to a variety of these skills and the camp sessions that follow provide the opportunity to participate hands-on in the activities discussed in the classroom. As outdoor education in many schools has been limited, the Schools and Scouting program fills a niche for teachers who are interested in the program but may not have the personal skills or the resources to provide this experience to their students on their own.

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