Scoutcraft Skills Stage 1

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Scoutcraft Skills - Stage 1 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can hang a drying/gear line at camp with a half hitch or other knot.
    • Scouts can hang a line that can hold items for the whole Patrol.
  2. I can keep my mess kit clean at camp.
    • Scouts can properly clean their mess kits with hot water and soap, and properly bleach and rinse.
  3. When outdoors or at camp, I know what is drinkable (safe) and not drinkable (unsafe) water and to check with a Scouter when I am unsure.
    • Scouts can explain where to get drinkable water at a camp and where not to get water.
  4. I know why it is important to stick to trails when outdoors.
    • Scouts can explain that they must stay on trails to keep from getting lost.
  5. I know three reasons for having a shelter when sleeping outdoors.
    • Scouts can explain that a shelter is used to keep warm, to stay out of the rain or hot sun, and to stay out of the wind.
  6. I can name three wildflowers by direct observation in a wild field, bush or forest.
    • Scouts can find and identify three wildflowers growing in the wild.
  7. I can gather dry burnable wood for a fire.
    • Scouts can find dry wood in the right sizes for a campfire (tinder, kindling, fuel).
  8. I know to tell adults where I am going when outdoors.
    • Scouts can explain why it is important to always tell an adult where they will be when in the outdoors.
  9. I know how to keep a camp clean.
    • Scouts can keep personal equipment clean and organized and can help keep the fire pit, kitchen, sleeping area and dining area clean and free from trash and equipment that should be stored in the proper place.
    • Scouts can explain why a clean and tidy camp is important.