Scoutcraft Skills Stage 2

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Scoutcraft Skills - Stage 2 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can tie a reef knot, a round turn and two half-hitch knots.
    • Scouts can demonstrate each of these knots correctly and explain good uses for each.
  2. I can cook a foil-wrapped meal in a fire.
    • Scouts can cook a complete foil-wrapped meal, and can describe other meals that could be cooked using this method.
  3. I know how much water I should carry when on a hike or taking part in an outdoor activity, and I know how to carry the water.
    • Scouts can fill their water bottles while out hiking and know that their bottles should always be full when they start out on a hike.
    • Scouts can explain why carrying plenty of water is important.
  4. I know what natural shelter materials or locations are to keep out of the wind, rain, sun and snow.
    • Scouts can use tree bows, grasses and bushes as wind and weather breaks and covers.
    • Scouts can also use rock formations and large trees as weather shields.
    • Scouts can demonstrate how to incorporate natural features and materials into a constructed shelter.
  5. I can identify four types of trees by direct observation in a wild field, bush or forest.
    • Scouts can consistently identify and name four trees in the wild.
  6. I have helped light a fire using only natural fire starter materials found in the forest, and I know the safety rules for when around a campfire.
    • Scouts can use a match or lighter to start the fire, but only natural material grown in the outdoors may be used as fire starter materials.
  7. I know why it is important to use a buddy system when traveling in the forest.
    • Scout can explain that the buddy system is helpful because if something were to happen, a Scout buddy can go for help.
  8. I know the rules for hygiene at camp (for eating and preparing food).
    • Scouts know that they must wash and disinfect their hands before handling any food.