Scoutcraft Skills Stage 8

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Scoutcraft Skills - Stage 8 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can backsplice, short splice and eye splice a three-strand rope.
    • Scouts must show the splices to their Patrol mates.
  2. I can cook a complete campout meal using only improvised natural cooking surfaces and devices (cooking only using flat stones, wood planks, cooking cranes/hooks, spits, covered pits/trenches).
    • Scouts must cook a meal for a minimum of three persons.
  3. I have carved cooking and eating spoons and a bowl with a knife/carving tools and wood.
    • Scouts are to use these carved items at a campout.
  4. I have given a lesson to Scout youth on obtaining drinkable water in the wilderness all year round.
    • Scouts are to provide the lesson in one session to young Scouts, covering concepts including: water filtration, disinfecting methods, locating, daily and activity hydration amount requirements, storing and carrying in winter and non-winter months, hazards of untreated water.
  5. I can find the North Star and identify four of the constellations in the northern sky.
    • Scouts are to provide this identification to their Patrol mates during an evening outing.
  6. With only materials found in the forest, rope and plastic sheeting, I have built a 10-person campout dinning shelter, protected on all side from the weather.
    • Scouts are to use this shelter at a campout.
  7. I have observed (and photographed as proof) a total of 15 North American mammals, reptiles or amphibians in the wild.
    • Scouts are to share these photos with their Patrol.
  8. Using only natural materials, I can light and maintain a fire in falling rain or falling snow conditions.
    • Scouts are to demonstrate these fire skills to their Patrol.
  9. I know how to set up and lead a ground search exercise for a missing person using a hasty search and a grid search, all in an area of a minimum of 2 km2 in size.
    • Scouts are to set up and run a search proactive scenario with their Patrol.
  10. I have made 4 metres of 3-strand cordage from only natural plant products found outdoors.
    • Scouts do not have to produce the cordage as one complete strand.