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Scouts Air

Objective: I will explore environment, nature, research and/or leisure pursuits as they relate to air.

When planning your adventure, consider including:

  • an environmental aspect and/or a leisure pursuit
  • an outdoor activity or research

Here are some ideas to get you going on creating your own adventures:

Adventure Idea 1: Airplanes 1. Experiment with paper airplanes, outdoors on days with wind or no wind, to learn more about varying design to keep planes aloft. Organize a paper airplane competition for your Troop. 2. On paper or in a computer design program, create your own design of airplane. Explore how airplanes work, and include what you find out in your design. 3. Build and fly a fuel-driven or battery-powered model airplane. 4. Organize an outing to an aviation museum or air show for your Patrol or Troop. 5. Make a mobile with pictures or models of your favourite airplanes. Adventure Idea 2: Birding 1. Use a bird book or app, to identify birds in your area.. What birds that live in your area are you able to see, and which are harder to find? 2. Take pictures and keep a log of your observations. 3. Investigate the threats to the bird population in your area. Find a service project that you can do to help protect birds and their habitat. 4. Plan a hike or canoe trip for your Patrol on which you can share some of what you have learned about your local bird population, and what can be done to help birds. 5. Use local birds as inspiration for an art project. Other ideas! Start with these and develop the five parts to your adventure.

  • Measure air pollution in your area and develop a plan for reducing that pollution. If possible, present it to the town/city council via letter, email or in-person presentation.
  • Plan a hot air balloon outing with your Patrol.
  • Create the best kite in the world, and show how it works aerodynamically.
  • Compare the exhaust pollution of at least five different cars (you can use different models or different years of the same model). To do this, you can put a white sock over the exhaust of the car and have someone drive the car on an errand for five minutes. Don’t have it sit idling and don’t do this inside a garage. Then, shut the car off and remove the sock, using a work glove. Turn the sock inside out to look for signs of pollution. Record and analyze your findings.
  • Make a video to promote alternative transportation to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Investigate the water cycle and how water moves from land to the air. Document this cycle using video or photos.
  • Find out more about lightning and thunder, and why these two occur together in a storm, and the role the air plays.
  • Many musical instruments make sound with the air from the musician's lungs. Learn to play a new instrument. When you have mastered a song, perform it for your Troop.

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Mackenzie Trail River (Environment & Outdoors) and Cabot Trail (Creative Expression) to inspire an Air adventure you’d like to try on your own