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As noted in Scouters' Tip - PAB, existing inventory for Computer Challenge Badge should be used before new designs are used. The ScoutShop may not have new Canadian Path based badges until the 2011 program change versions are used. Being wise in the use of your Group's inventory is also recommended

See Personal Achievement Badges - Scouts as well as The Canadian Path - Scout, including:

PAB Resources:

Scouters' Tips:

From the Scouter Manual:

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Scouts Technology

Objective: I will explore what it means to be an active and contributing citizen of the technological world. When planning your adventure, consider

  • using technology to carry out the spirit of the Scout Law
  • exploring the ethics of the use and development of technology
  • developing your own piece of technology

Here are some ideas to get you going on creating your own adventures:

Adventure Idea 1: The Application of Apps 1. How many apps do you currently have on your phone? How many do you use regularly? Which are the most useful for you and why? Identify any apps that you consider bad habits and delete them from your phone. 2. How were some of the tasks you do with apps done before the apps existed? Apps are meant to be time savers, but are they really? Pick one or two apps and find out whether the same task can be done faster in the “old-fashioned” way. 3. Which apps lend themselves to bullying? Why do you think people are attracted to using these apps? What might be changed on these apps to make them less useful (or not useful at all) for bullying? Share your suggestions with the maker of one of the apps you feel can be used to bully. 4. What task to you think could use an app? Pick something that is a constant problem or challenge for you. Create a design for an app that would address this problem or task. 5. Find several apps that you think could be useful to your Patrol or Troop and share them. Try them out when planning, doing and reviewing your next adventure. Adventure Idea 2: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle that Modern Technology 1. Reduce: Take on the task of organizing your family’s technology. Do a survey of what needs to be organized. Identify items that your family no longer uses and gather them to be reused or recycled. 2. Re-use: What items, no longer needed for their original purpose, can be used in a new way or donated to an organization that refurbishes them? Deal with some of your items in this way. 3. Recycle: Encourage others in your Troop to recycle their electronics, too. Coordinate the collection of used electronics and find out how they can be recycled as a fundraiser for your Troop. 4. Promote your efforts so that others can follow your good example. Make a video with some useful tips and post it to your Troop’s website.. 5. Technology is good and bad for the environment. Organize a debate for your Troop to explore the pros and cons of technology in terms of its impact on the environment. Other Ideas! Start with these and develop the five parts to your adventure.

  • Locate five Troops in other parts of Canada that have a homepage. Email them. Explain that you are completing your Technology Scout Badge and invite them to send a greeting to your Troop.
  • If your Troop doesn’t yet have a website, create one. Discuss with your Troop or Group what you should include. If your Troop already has a site, work with the administrator to see how you can contribute.
  • Use a digital camera to take pictures of your Troop (with permission) on an outing. Use the pictures to create a presentation (include photos, captions, and, if possible, sound) that your Troop can use at a parents’ night or a linking activity with a Cub Pack.
  • Use a computer graphics program to design a logo for your Patrol or Troop.
  • Create a video that raises awareness about online safety and teaches youth and adults how to protect their identity and their privacy online. Share the video on your Troop webpage or on Youtube.
  • Technology has advanced rapidly in the past 30 years. What kinds of computers or devices might be available in another 30 years? Illustrate the devices you’ve imagined and share your ideas with your Patrol or Troop.
  • Create your own computer program or app. If you don’t know how to code, illustrate the interface (what users would see on a screen). Present the idea to your Patrol or Troop.
  • Learn how to program. You can use online platforms like Scratch (, Hour of Code ( or Tech Spark ( to learn the basics of programming.
  • Build and operate a robotic rover. Visit your local Scout Shop to borrow the STEM robotics kit, and follow the instructions provided.

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Rideau Trail (Citizenship), Red Coat Trail (Leadership) and West Coast Trail (Beliefs & Values) to inspire an adventure to try on your own.