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(Taken from the BP&P, 4008.1 – Section Leadership Appointments)

The term "Section Leader" can be confusing, as sometime is meant to be any Scouter within a section and other times it can refer to the primary or senior member of that leadership team (with the others referred to as Assistant leaders). Check the context of usage.

4008.1 – Section Leadership Appointments:

Section Scouters are appointed by a Group Commissioner or more senior Commissioner on behalf of Scouts Canada, following approval as a registered adult member. In the case of Venturer companies and Rover crews, the youth members should be involved in their selection. Approval for appointment should be based on age, maturity, personal example and the ability to work effectively with the selected age group and other members of the leadership team. Whenever possible, all Scouters will ensure they obtain competencies for the appropriate Section within one year of appointment, to ensure the development of quality leadership. Scouters must be so advised before appointment. All members must be, and remain, acceptable to and registered with, Scouts Canada.

4008.2 – Requirements for Section Leadership:

Beaver, SCOUTSabout, Cub and Scout, sections will have at least two registered Scouters, both of which are 18 years of age or older and one who is responsible for the Section and the leadership team; in the case of Beavers, this Scouter is designated as the contact person. Venturer and Extreme Adventure sections will have at least two registered Scouters, one of which is 21 years of age or older and who is responsible for the section and leadership team. Assistant leaders must be at least 18 years of age. Section Scouters are volunteers who have agreed to assist in the promotion of the [[Principles of Scouting] and to abide by the By-Law, Policies and Procedures of Scouts Canada. They must have:

  1. An ability to work harmoniously with the members of their Section and to co-operate with others; and
  2. A willingness to develop their leadership and program skills through training. NOTE: Adults may only serve in one position at any one time where here is direct contact with youth.
  3. Colony, Pack, Troop, and SCOUTSabout: Each Colony, Pack, Troop and SCOUTSabout Section must have a minimum of two Scouters present at all times. In total, the minimum ratio of Scouters to youth members for a Colony or Junior SCOUTSabout Section is 1:5; or 1:6 for a Pack, Troop, Senior SCOUTSabout Section; but not less than two (2). See Section 10001 for additional requirements for Camping and Outdoor Activities.)