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Job Description


Scope: The Sixer is a member of the Six who provides service and leadership in the Six.

Accountable to: Akela/Six members

Average Time Required: 2-4 hours per month for planning plus regular meetings and outings.

Major Area of Responsibility: To work as a member of the section leadership team representing the Six.

Duties and Responsibilities of the position:

  • Represent the members of the Six at Sixers’ Council meetings
  • Gets the Six ready for the grand howl and other activities
  • Help out with opening and closing
  • Care for new Cub Scouts and make them feel welcome
  • Attend planning meetings
  • Take attendance and collect dues
  • Bring problems in the Six to leader’s attention
  • Work with the second to make sure the Six is running smoothly
  • Set a good example
  • Wear the Cub Scout uniform correctly
  • Live by the Cub Scout law and promise


  • Registered member of the pack
  • Usually an older, responsible member of the pack
  • Take training for the position
  • Be willing to work with other youth
  • Be willing to work as a member of a team
  • Be prepared to commit to the time requirements of the position

See also Second


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