Sixers’ Council

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Sixers’ Council

(From Cub Leader's Handbook Chapter 18 - Leadership and The Team)


Members of the Sixers’ Council include sixers, seconds and Scouters. Sixer Council meetings provide opportunities for sixers and seconds to develop leadership skills, and help them appreciate the importance and responsibilities of their position. The Council gives Scouters an opportunity to know their older Cub Scouts and help their progress through special personal instruction.

Hold Sixers’ Council meetings about once a month after a regular pack meeting or on a special evening at a leader’s or Cub’s home (upon parents’ invitation). A meeting at a Cub’s home helps parents understand and appreciate the value of Cubbing. Refreshments are a much appreciated element of home meetings.

Sixers’ Council meetings are completely informal, although you may want to open and close with an appropriate prayer led by one of the Cubs.

Meeting topics may include the following: what program interests the Cubs; six or pack discipline problems; sixers’ and seconds’ responsibilities in future meetings; coming programs and outings; evaluation of past programs; remembering sick Cubs; community service; and more.

Given your guidance, these Cubs can develop and exercise their judgment in pack matters within the limits your team establishes. Respect and accept their opinions with an open mind.