South Africa 2010: Defending Mafikeng

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In cooperation with the South African Scout Association, Scouts Canada took part in the United Nations Millennium Development Goal #1: eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. In August of 2010, youth and adults from across both countries travelled to Mafikeng, Northwest Province, South Africa to dig wells, and build community food gardens and rain water reservoirs.
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Just as our founder, Baden-Powell defended the city of Mafikeng against siege in 1899-1900, it was our turn to help defend the city against poverty and hunger. Youth involved in this project spent nine months here in Canada learning about poverty and hunger, and discovering what they can do to help. Through the Scouts of the World Award program, the participants also had the opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of South Africa before they headed off from 5-26 August 2010.

During the weeks spent in South Africa, the project participants built and/or refurbished 8 different schools, including building and installing downspouts and water tanks where needed. The participants also took part in an educational seminar on HIV/AIDS, and provided many other smaller community services to the local villages. In short, the project was a complete success.


  • Advisors: Bernie Avery (Project Advisor), Maureen Avery (Patrol Advisor), Kevin Ransome (Medical Advisor), Marian Doucette (Patrol Advisor)
  • Youth: Creighton Avery (Patrol Leader), Gillian Roberts (Patrol Leader), Andrew Hart (Assistant Patrol Leader), Shannon deLange, Brandon Scott, Kelly Brand, Thomas Walker, Joyce Berkers, Kristin Ransome, Alanna Cunningham Rogers, Charlie Rutledge, Steven Avery, Dawn Carr, Bruce Hunter, Brenna Doucette, Mitch Ekels, Farrad, Ivy Wan, Caroline Kwong