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Spirit Beaver

Objective: I will explore beliefs that are important to me and my family as well as the beliefs of another faith. When planning your adventures, you might like

  • an adventure that includes the four compass points of the Internal Compass: Wonder, Gratitude, Service and Reflection
  • an adventure that shows the Beaver Scout Promise, Law or Motto

Here are some ideas to help you start creating your own adventures

  • Find a story from your favourite holiday. Find a story about a holiday in another faith tradition or culture. Share the stories with your family or your Lodge.
  • Make a food to share with your Lodge that is part of your faith or culture or tradition. Find out about a food from another tradition. Make that food too, if you can.
  • Draw a symbol that is important to you or your faith group. Why is this symbol important? Find a symbol that is important to another faith group and learn why it’s important.
  • Write a prayer of your own or find a prayer from your faith tradition to share with your Lodge. Find a prayer you like from another faith and share it, too.
  • Lead the Beaver Scout Colony in saying a Beaver Scout prayer. What do you like about this prayer? What might you add or change?
  • Write or draw or do a “thank-you” to God.
  • Go on a walk or drive with your parents or grandparents and take photos of many different places of worship. Create a collage or a picture book with your photos
  • Do one thing for each point on the Internal Compass: Wonder, Gratitude, Service and Reflection. Draw the compass (or use a picture of a compass) and write down or provide a photo of you doing what you did for each point on the compass.
  • Go to a service of worship for another church or another faith. What do you see?

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Rainbow’s Reflections: Beliefs & Values.

Pick a suitable adventure for this badge that you would like to try on your own.