Stuffed Hotdog

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Your stuffed hotdog is only limited to your imagination. Take a straw and poke it into the tip of the hotdog. Slowly push it all the way through your hotdog. Blow the hotdog out of the straw onto a plate. Take a piece of the end and push it back in one end of the hotdog, like a plug.

Now comes the imagination part! What would you like to stuff your hotdog with? Catsup? Simply squirt some in the hotdog hole and plug the other end up to prevent leakage when cooking. How about canned soft cheese? Chili? Why don't you place a straw through a dill pickle and blow the pickle middle from the straw. Then stuff this pickle piece into your hotdog and cook? Bleu cheese? This is soft and can be pushed into the hole of your hotdog. Cream cheese, pimentos, bacon bits, barbeque sauce, hotsauce... just remember to plug each end - oh, and enjoy!