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I have some issues with Part A - Knowledge section of this badge. The requirements are not as relevant as they once were.

I feel that the following requirement needs updating:

"1. Define and explain the function of each of the following: CPU (central processing unit), Monitor, Tape drive, Keyboard, Scanner, Hard drive, Digital camera, RAM, Mouse, Speakers, ROM, Joy stick, Modem, Printer, Floppy disk, Data projector, Disk drive, CD-ROM"

Many Canadian households in 2011 have at least one computer. However, tape drives and floppy disks are no longer standard gear. Tape drives are used commercially for low cost backup. Floppies are going the way of Beta, 8-track, and the dinosaurs.

Also, this list does not contain USB flash drives (aka. "thumb drives", "pen drives"), headsets/microphones, tablets/touch screens, and arguably webcams or DVD's. This is to say nothing about networking peripherals that are becoming ubiquitous: NIC's, cables, routers/switches, wireless hubs/routers, NAS (network attached storage).

I feel the same about this one:

"2. Describe how a computer memory/floppy disk/CD-ROM (select one) stores information (e.g. text, images, audio and video). "

Again, remove "floppy disk" and add "flash drive". Also, extend "CD-ROM" to "optical drive (e.g. CD-ROM)".

It is and will continue to be a challenge to keep this badge up-to-date as technology advances.