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On the new uniform for scouts, have lanyards been dropped?

Hmmm... I thought there was a small square badge to recognize the number of badges earned, but that was apparently during the proposal stage only. While any "loss" will be a disappointment to many, it is important to understand that there the uniform redesign was tasked with simplifying. Arguments for and against a replacement have merit.

Here's a snippet discussion from

Here is the answer that was posted on the Facebook page by Jessica Page:

18. A: (by Jessica) The purpose of the lanyard was to recognize the achievement that certain milestone numbers of challenge badges had been earned. The lanyard made this visible when the sash was not worn. A set of replacement badges was initially designed, but now that all badges are worn directly on the shirt the lanyard concept (and replacement badge) was discontinued as it was seen to be redundant. This decision was made with the agreement of the Program Network chair, however there is the possibility that the replacement badges could be put into production if there is a strong outcry from the field. Talk to your DCC Program if you feel strongly about it.