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At 403TO Sea Scouts, we use the ORCKA program as the basis of our canoeing program. We take the paddling badge seriously and only award it now when a Scout has reached an ORCKA Basic 3 level. At this point we can be sure that they can reliably stern a canoe. We also like it because we can award the Basic 1 level quite quickly which encourages progress.

An additional advantage of this is that ORCKA certifications are recognized many places our own paddling badge would not be and so can be a leg up for our youth when applying for camp jobs, etc.

The ORCKA Basic program has 4 levels 1-3 represent various levels of skill in tandem paddling while still remaining at a basic level 4 represents the same skills as levels 1-3, but as a solo paddler

From basic 3 or 4 paddlers can progress to the specific disciplines of ORCKA: Moving Water, Rver Running, Tripping, and Style Paddling.

A number of Scouters have Basic canoeing instructor status and can certify Scouts and Scouters in the program.

There is a Camp Canoeing Instructor certification that allows the instructor to certify Scouts to level 1 or 2. We'll be hosting a course for this in or around Toronto in the spring. It would be a nominal charge only and be a two day course one weekend. Email me at if you are interested.