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Tech Beaver

Objective: I will explore ways that people use technology every day. When planning your adventures, you might

  • have an adventure which helps someone else
  • have the Beaver Scout Promise, Law and Motto as a code of conduct when you use all technology

Remember that technology is anything that makes our work and play easier to do. If one of your adventure involves being online, be safe by working with an adult. If one of your adventure involves being online, be safe by working with an adult.

Here are some ideas to help you start creating your own adventures

  • What is your favourite piece of technology in your house? Who invented it? Share what you find out with your Lodge.
  • With a parent/guardian or Scouter, create a “Code of Conduct” (rules) for using technology such as cell phones, computers, television, internet, gaming consoles, the fridge and stove. How might the “golden rule” fit as part of your code?
    • Golden Rule: Do to others as you want them to do to you.
  • With the help of an adult, find an app, website or program that can help you live the Beaver Scout motto, “Sharing, Sharing, Sharing!” Tell your Colony about it.
  • Go on a treasure hunt in your house and find five pieces of technology that did not exist 50 or 100 years ago and five pieces of technology that did exist 50 or 100 years ago. Remember, technology is any object that makes work easier (like a pen or a pair of scissors).
  • Think of something you use technology to help you do. Now try doing that without the help of technology. For example, try to find a fact on the internet and then go to the library and find the same fact in a book. What did you notice?
  • With permission, take apart a toy and figure out how it works.
  • Use materials you find around your home to create a tool or draw a sketch of a tool that could help you live the Beaver Scout Promise to “help take care of the world.”
  • Technology can help us but it can also hurt. Think of four examples of how it helps and four examples of how it might hurt someone. Which pieces of technology can both help and hurt? What makes the difference?
  • Using recycled materials, build a tool that can be used in your home or in your Lodge.
  • Imagine yourself 20 years in the future. What do you hope has been invented by then?

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Big Brown Beaver’s Lodge: Citizenship.

Pick a suitable adventure for this badge that you would like to try on your own.