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In April 2013, the Scouts Canada Board of Governors announced the appointment of Terry Grant, best known as the star of the reality hit series, Mantracker, as the first person to assume the role of the renewed Chief Scout role.

Grant, a 25-year veteran of the Foothills Search and Rescue Team, is an expert in utilizing clues such as footprints, probable path and other signs of human presence to track prey. As a consultant he has worked with the British Military Chiefs to provide basic ground and track awareness training and is one of the few ‘civilians’ who have been invited to the K-9 Training Facility for the Edmonton Police Service. Grant is a popular speaker, appearing at functions hosted by law enforcement, private groups, fundraisers and schools.

We have tracked down Scouts Canada's new Chief Scout[1]

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Scouts Canada's new Chief Scout, Mr. Terry Grant. You may know Terry as the original Mantracker from his long-running show on the Outdoor Life Network. As of today, you will also get to know him as our Chief Scout. He's eager to start serving as a Scouting spokesperson, working with us to inspire Canada's young people and adults to join and remain involved in the Scouting Movement.

As you may know, Canada's Governor General served as Scouts Canada's Chief Scout since 1910. As Scouts Canada grew and matured, the Governor General's leadership role evolved into a largely honorary one. That relationship remains strong, and we have elevated the Governor General's role to Patron Scout, where he will continue to play a leadership role. As our new Chief Scout, Terry will be actively engaging with our members and promoting Scouting to the public.

So why Terry? The values that characterize Scouting mirror Terry's own life and values – adventure, outdoor experience, discovery and care for the environment. But perhaps the greatest fit rests in Scouting's mission: Scouting helps develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. That's important to Terry, and he knows that it means a lot to our members as well as many other youth and parents across Canada.

Terry has a strong connection with our Movement. Most recently, he has been donating a portion of his book sales to Scouts Canada and was interested in getting more involved. His work as Mantracker reflects a number of attributes that are aligned with Scouting principles: learning by doing, careful preparation, attention to detail, and a focus on safety are at the heart of his success as Mantracker. Through his program, he shares valuable life lessons with his audience, and we do the exact same thing in Scouting. It's really a very good fit.

I'm excited about the opportunities for us to work together to help the Scouting in Canada continue to thrive, and I know that Terry is too. He's prepared a brief video that I'd encourage you to check out, and I'd ask you to join me in welcoming Terry as our new Chief Scout.

Yours in Scouting,

Andrew Price
Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board of Governors

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