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To provide opportunities for Cub Scouts to develop self-confidence and early leadership skills by introducing basic camping and other outdoor pursuits. The Outdoor Activity Area has two goals:

  • To instruct Cub Scouts on how to enjoy the outdoors safely.
  • To introduce Cub Scouts to various outdoor pursuits through age-appropriate activities based on simple skill, learning, and fun.
  • The Outdoor Activity Area is geared for helping 8-10 year old Cub Scouts discover basic outdoor skills in a "learn by doing" environment. The Activity Area comprises the Green Star, Outdoor Activity Badges, the Canadian Camper Award, and the Canadian Heritage Trails Award.


The Green Star provides a variety of basic and simple introductory activities for children who have only limited experience with outdoor pursuits like camping, hiking and canoeing. Safety, and being prepared, from two key elements when building Cub self-confidence in outdoor activities. The Green Star deals with first aid kits, how to avoid getting lost, how to dress for the outdoors and other skills. As confidence grows through self-reliance, Cub Scouts will find the outdoors less frightening. They will learn leadership skills for helping others.


Pre 2011 version

These badges provide Cubs with a well-rounded, learning experience in outdoor activiites.