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Reference: Top Section Awards: Requirements and Transition

Each Top Section Award contains the following components:

  • Step One: Review youths’ personal progression
    • A review is completed with:
      • (Beaver Scouts/Cub Scouts) two Section Scouters and (if possible) should include one youth from an older Section.
      • (Scouts/Venturer Scouts) a member of the Troop/Company Leadership Team and a Scouter.
      • (Rover Scouts) the mentor and one other member of the Crew.
  • Step Two: Achieve the required Outdoor Adventure Skill stages
  • Step Three: Provide the required hours of community service
    • Community service hours need to be completed, in Scouting or non-Scouting activities. See the table below
  • Step Four: Complete a meaningful service project
    • The project will usually be completed:
      • as a group by the White Tails as part of the Northern Lights Quest. All youth need to participate fully.
      • individually, or as part of a team, with the expectation that all Howlers/Scouts/Venturers/Rovers participate fully and share the work.
  • Step Five: Final Review
    • A final review of the Award project is completed with:
      • White Tail Council and Scouters
      • Howler Council and Scouters
      • Troop Leadership Team, or its designates
      • Company Leadership Team, or its designates.
      • the mentor and the Crew (or its designates).
  • Presentation of the Award
    • Present the Award at a special ceremony at the Group (for Beaver Scouts), Group or Area (for Cub Scouts), Council (for Scouts, Venturer Scouts, and Rover Scouts) levels.

Badge Section Award Name Achieved OAS Stages Hours of Community Service
NorthStarAward.png Colony North Star Award 5 5
SeeoneeAward.png Pack Seeonee Award 10 15
ChiefScoutsAward.png Troop Chief Scout’s Award 18 30
QueensVenturerAward.png Company Queen’s Venturer Award 24 60
Canadian Rover Scout Award.png Crew Canadian Rover Scout Award 32 80