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Some rough notes while the 3EP Troop prepares to make a Chuck Box.


We liked the one we saw from 1st Fenwick, using 3/4" plywood, but it looked really heavy.


Debating if both sides should be hinged...

  • Yes:
    • More usable "table" space
  • No:
    • More stable
    • Can use lighter materials
    • Easier to build
    • Can nail/screw/glue long shelves to back (no need for center upright)
  • Decision: So while the first "yes" point is a big one, there are many reasons in favour of a fixed back. That's the way we will go.

We generally like the plans for A Standing Kitchen, February 2006. (The legs fit inside. One sheet construction.)


(Possibly) Neat ideas

Chalkboard Back

Make the back a chalkboard

Counter Top Material

Counter top material is specified in the plans

  • 1st Fenwick used plastic hollow core material; easy to clean, easy to apply, and didn't melt under the stove.
  • Quality counter top material is difficult to source and will add to the complexity of the build.
  • Decision: If it something we really want, we'll get it later

Use Legs as Carrying Posts


We like the Troop 679 idea of allowing legs to be use as carrying arms.

  • Advantage: Easier to carry.
  • Disadvantage: A bit heavier
  • Disadvantage: May no longer be a one-sheet plywood project.
  • Decision: Let's do, but use a 2x2 instead of a 2x4 on the top of the leg clamp. Also use a thinner 1/4" plywood to cap. (A quarter sheet should be enough to make 7, we will make the 8th one from scrap pieces.) Also, use more bolts.


The instructions suggest adding wheels. They should be removable, as to not get in the way of the hinged side panel (cooking surface). How to build?

  • Two bicycle wheels on a fixed axle, held on with conduit couplings and wing nuts. Or maybe one wheel is fixed to an axle and the other is removable, with the whole thing going through a bored channel through the legs support.)
  • Perhaps a flat bar bolt and wing nut attached to the bottom, with the edged turned up and attached to the bicycle wheels. (See this bicycle trailer assembly.)
  • Decision: Great idea, but we'll shelve it for now. (KISS = Keep It Simple Scouts!)

More Shelves

More shelves and compartments! (Especially a top shelf just for the legs.)

  • Plans are limited due to single sheet construction.
  • If we have more material, perhaps we will

Side Wash Station

A side mounted washing station looks handy.

  • It would have to fit inside the box
  • How long do the legs need to be? Looks like 34", which will fit inside the box!
  • Construct from plywood slats, fitted to the basins.
  • Two simple hinges to the legs
  • Legs would be side braced, and maybe a cross brace to the top to prevent movement (somehow bolt and wing-nut secured).
  • How to secure to main box? Perhaps just a fixed dowel pin into a matching hole. Simple.
  • Putting the basins sideways would be wider than the box, so how to build and still fit inside? It will have to come apart and yet be study when assembled.
  • Decision: Another great idea, but we'll shelve it for now. (KISS = Keep It Simple Scouts!)

Material List:

To build four chuck boxes...

Item Quantity Source Unit Cost Cost
3/8" Plywood (4' x 8’) 4 Home Depot $16 $64
3/4" plywood (4' x 8’) 1 Home Depot $25 $25
2x4 lumber, 8' 8 Home Depot $2.65 $21
2x2 lumber, 8' 2 Home Depot $1.75 $4
heavy duty piano hinge (36" length) 4 Home Depot $5.50 $22
Mini roller refills 2 packs (of 2@) Home Depot $3 $6
wood screws (for hinges) 200 Home Depot $16.50 $17
double-loop chain 16'? Make it 18' Home Depot $0.62 $11
3" barrel bolts 8 Kent $3.99 $32
Primer 2l Kent $11.97 $24
Paint 4l Kent - Painter's Touch (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
or maybe Tremclad (-$.50@, a bit larger, colour?)
$13.99 $56
Mini roller kit 1 Kent $5.49 $6
Chalk board paint 2? Kent $6.99 $14
1" - 1 1/2" x 1/4" bolts 16 John 0 0
1/4" nuts 32 John 0 0
3" x 1/4" bolts 48 John 0 0
1/4" wing nuts 16 John 0 0
1/4" nuts 64 John 0 0
1/4" washers 48 John 0 0
Exterior glue 1 Steve (on hand) 0 0
Strong, thick rope for handles  ? Group Storage room 0 0
Total 202

Other bits of "scrap" plywood could be used to make more shelves, or even custom fit content boxes.