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Scouting Biography In my youth I was a Cub and a Scout in Alberta. I began my adult leadership with the 10th Waterloo Group in 1991. I was subsequently North Waterloo Assistant District Commissioner for Scouts, North Waterloo Deputy District Commission and North Waterloo Area Commissioner. After those roles I joined the 11th Kitchener Group as a Scout leader and continue in that role. I was a leader or director of the Camp Everton Summer Scout Camp for 15 years. I was a co-chair of the 50th Anniversay Committee for the 1955 World Jamboree held at Niagara-on the Lake. As a result of the committee's efforts a celebration was held at Fort George on the Scout Brigade weekend and a commemorate plaque was errected. I was also a co-chair of the Committee for the recognition of the Formation of Scouting as a National Historic Event. As a result of that committee's efforts an Historic Plaque was erected at the World Jamboree site at Niagara-on-the-Lake commemorating the foundation of Scouting in Canada. I have WB I and II in the Scout section.