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Notes to Self: As I look at the content on the wiki, I find myself wondering how it is to be used. There are many resources out there already.

I am not sure how to move forward with the wiki in relation to what I should expect from it , or what I should expect of myself in how to contribute to it. One Opportunity that strikes me as wanting for further input is planning.

Colony Programming - 3 Year Plan

I am preparing to submit a three year (plus) plan to the wiki. I am hoping that I will be able to submit without too much tweaking for it to be useful to other Colony leaders. In essence it is an excel spreadsheet with supporting Macros that turns the spreadsheet into a database

Implemented Features within the database are:

  • You can add new meetings and activities within each meeting
  • You can reorder activities within a planned mtg night
  • Each activity can point to
    • Details
    • Needs
    • Evaluation
  • Each activity can be tagged within one or several GAMSOC criteria
  • You can search within the database for meetings and activities with specific words
  • Entries can be from different sections and groups
  • Reporting capabilities
    • Do a Theme Report to show what themes have been used over the years
    • Report on GAMSOCS coverage

Current Desired Features which have not been implemented yet.

  • Documentation to reflect how to use it.
  • Linkage to other files Within a particular folder structure ( I have .pdfs, Word documents and all sorts with programming content of one form another which is not linked to the Database yet )

Current Caveats within the database are Some meetings are not very well defined (earlier years )

  • Some meeting have few details in the 'General entry' .. this is because the details are against each activity within the table of contents

To use

  • Open the spreadsheet
  • Enable Macros
  • Go to sheet 'Actual'
  • Click on Button 'Current DB'

Colony 3 Year Plan

Training Process flow

  • Need list of roles
  • List of 'events'