Winter Skills Stage 6

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Winter Skills - Stage 6 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have led an outdoor winter game for a younger Section.
    • Scouts can select, teach and lead an appropriate outdoor winter game for a younger Section.
  2. I know how to obtain and keep a supply of safe drinking water for a winter camp.
    • Scouts can describe how water can be obtained by melting snow or ice, or sourcing from open water or under ice.
    • Scouts can describe how melting snow or ice will impact a camp with regard to time and gear (eg-fuel).
    • Scouts can describe how to determine if ice is safe to venture out on, and how to treat water to make it safe to drink.
    • Scouts can list what gear is needed to source water in winter conditions (axe, auger, safety equipment, purification equipment).
  3. I know how to store water overnight so that it will not freeze.
    • Scouts can describe how to keep water from freezing by keeping it in secure and near one’s body in a sleeping bag.
  4. I have baked bread or a dessert at a winter camp.
    • Scouts know how to bake in winter conditions using an improvised trail oven using pots, a commercial trail oven or reflector oven.
  5. I have taught a less experienced Scout how to dress for winter activities.
    • Scouts can teach less experienced Scouts about dressing in layers (wicking, warmth and wind/wet), what clothing fabrics are appropriate and less expensive options.
  6. I have taught a less experienced Scout how to build a winter shelter.
    • Scouts can teach less experienced Scouts to construct a shelter from snow or other materials (tarp, parachute, etc.).
  7. I can do simple repairs on liquid fuel stoves.
    • Scouts know how to:
      • dry out a stove that has snow or water in the burners
      • oil the pump leather when the pump will not pressurize the fuel tank
  8. I have led a cooking team for a winter camp.
    • Scouts can lead a team in cooking all meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) at a camp.
    • Scouts can describe the rationale behind the menu: taste, nutrition, budget and weight and volume considerations
  9. I have assisted at a winter sports day in a leadership role.
    • Scouts can help at a winter Beaveree, Cuboree or community event where the activities are primarily outside.
  10. I have slept outside for two nights in a lightweight shelter in winter (in addition to requirements for previous levels).
    • Scouts can sleep outside in winter conditions in a lightweight shelter such as a tent.
  11. I have practised a winter evacuation of a simulated casualty.
    • Scouts can practise a winter evacuation using a sled or other improvised self-propelled method of person/gear transportation to a road .5 km from the simulated injury.